Police Appeal for Information about Burglary in Lakeside

During the evening of Friday March 21st, there was a burglary from a house close to the intersection of Lakeside Vista Dr and Shasta Ct. Two suspects entered the house through the master bedroom window and stole video gaming systems. The suspects apparently placed the gaming systems in the victim’s blue recycling bin and left the scene rolling the recycling bin along the north side of Lakeside Vista.

Detective James Howell with Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help tracking down what happened to that blue recycling bin. Did you notice a blue recycling bin looking out of place? Has an extra recycling bin appeared on your corner?

If you have any information about this burglary or the blue recycling bin, please contact Detective James Howell on 813-393-9866.


Some of you may have noticed that law enforcement were in attendance on Symmes Lake Drive this evening. The Deputy attended because of a complaint about fishing by non-residents and fishing using nets. The Deputy asked for an official of the HOA to join him to clarify the HOA’s rules. The Deputy gave a warning about fishing with nets as this contravenes state law. He also advised two Rivercrest residents that Lakeside is a separate community and they are not allowed to fish. The Rivercrest residents left without incident.

Minutes of March Board Meeting, Trashcan update, HCSO patrol

The minutes of the March 2014 Board Meeting have been approved by the Board and can be downloaded here. The minutes include a diagram indicating the outline design for a retaining wall at the east side of the soccer field.

Our property manager carried out an inspection of the community on Monday, March 17th. After that inspection 30 fine letters were sent to the owners of homes where the trashcans were not stored out of view from the street. This compares favorably with the 60 fine letters sent out after the February 24th inspection. Remember that if you are having trouble storing your trashcans you can request smaller trashcans from the Hillsborough County solid waste department.

This evening from 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm Lakeside will be patrolled by an off-duty Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy paid for by your HOA. The Deputy has been asked to clear the parks after dark, enforce the rules about fishing being for residents only and conduct other patrol activities in line with normal HCSO procedures. He has also been given details of the suspicious large grey SUV that was cruising our neighborhood around 7:00 pm on Thursday, the small white car that has been seen in the back park late at night and the recent car burglaries on Havasu Ct. If you are outside this evening and notice the deputy, feel free to talk to him.

P.S. Some of you may have received an email notification about “Trees” this was an old post and was sent out in error while I was testing our e-mail configuration. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Community Party, Lost Dog

Happy Monday, neighbors!

Thanks to everybody who helped organize Saturday’s community party and thanks to everybody who came out to meet their neighbors. We hope you had a good time.

During the party somebody found a small white dog, if you have lost such a dog, please contact us through the website and we will put you in touch with the lady who is currently caring for the dog.

Pictures of the car burglary suspects

You may remember that there were some car burglaries on Havasu Ct. in the early hours of last Saturday, March 1st. We have been in contact with Detective James Howell who is investigating these crimes. Detective Howell has provided us with these pictures which were taken by residents’ security cameras.
LS4Detective Howell would like to identify the young men shown in these pictures. Please take a close look and show them to your friends, neighbors and especially to your High School age children who may recognize these men. One of the men is wearing a distinctive jacket – do you recognize it?
 LS3 LS2 LS1
If you can help identify these men, please contact Detective Howell:
Detective James Howell #126075
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
District 4 Latent Investigations
813 393-9866

Car Burglaries

Sometime overnight Friday 2/28 – Saturday 3/1 some cars were broken into on Havasu Court. Neighborhood Watch is in touch with the detective investigating this crime. If you have any information about this or if somebody tried to get into your cars please call the Sheriff’s Office on 813 247 8200 and quote crime reference number 2014114619. Also, if you have security camera recordings, please review them for anything suspicious at that time.

The safest place for your car is the garage. If you cannot park in a garage, remember to take valuables out of your car.

Enforcement of rules about trashcans

Today, the Management Company conducted a drive-through inspection of the community. 60 of the 326 houses in Lakeside had their trashcans stored in such a way that they could be seen from the street. All of those 60 houses will receive a fine of $25 in the mail this week.

Generic Visible trashcan

The fine can be appealed within 10 days. If we made a mistake or the fining committee recommends leniency the fine can be cancelled. We also understand that reasonable people may disagree about what is “visible.” If you appeal against a fine, your case is reviewed by a committee that is entirely independent from the Board and the Management Company.

You can appeal a fine here. You are also welcome to make an appeal by calling, faxing or writing Cory Mallory at Unique Property Services (813) 879 1204, 1207 N Himes Ave, Suite 3, Tampa, FL 33607.