Lakeside Community Owners Association Inc.

Board Meeting

Saturday, October 24th, 2015, 9:00 am

Park Opposite Lakeside Soccer Field


  1.  Introduction and welcome
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Attorney Presentation
  4. Foreclosures
  5. Attending Mortgage Foreclosure trials
  6. 2016 Budget
  7. Picnic Tables and Benches
  8. Income Tax Penalties
  9. Review Audit
  10. Sheriff Patrols
  11. Playground Mulch
  12. New Business
  13. Resident Input (20 Minutes:3 minutes per resident)

Recent Burglaries in the community

The Hillsborough County Sheriff notified the Association that there have been two burglaries in the community in the past four days.  The Deputy wanted to remind everyone on how imperative it is to make sure your doors and windows are secured and if you have an alarm system it is armed.  It is easy to forget to lock your garage door or even to close it all the way. These burglaries happened in the daytime and in the 10000 and 11000 block of Lakeside Vista Drive. Please keep your eyes open and notify the Hillsborough County Sheriff department if you see anything suspicious.  The non emergency telephone number is 813-247-8200.

Management Company Change

Dear Lakeside Owners and Residents,

Your Board of Directors has chosen Unique Property Service to manage your community. We look forward to working with you. If you have not made your $175 quarterly payment that was due on July 1st or past due fees we ask you to forward your payment to our office at Unique Property Service 1207 N Himes Avenue suite 3, Tampa FL 33607. Please make your check payable to Lakeside Community Association. For inquiries please contact your Licensed Community Association Manager, Cory Mallory via the community website at The website will be the most convenient and efficient way for you to submit your ACC applications, rental applications or to just ask a question. You may also contact me at 813-879-1204 or at or send a fax to             813-879-1039. As we have not yet received the records from your past management company we ask that you be patient, we will work at getting answers as quickly as possible. If you have an auto payment set up with your bank please update the payment address.

Minutes of Board Meeting on 05/16/15

IMPORTANT: These are draft minutes which require the approval of the Board members (look below in comments for those approvals) and formal adoption at the next Board meeting.

1. Introductions and Welcome

Robert Alderson, the Secretary/Treasurer opened the meeting at 9:05 am. The following Board members were present:

  • Robert Alderson (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Vanessa Moorhead
  • Carol Noble
  • Stevan Alvarez (appointed during the meeting)
  • Eight other owners were also present.

2. Resident Input

There were complaints from a resident on Lake Lanier about parking and unruly behavior and disrespect of property by children. These concerns were echoed by residents on Lakeside Vista and Placid Lake. The board responded that these were valid concerns that would ideally be dealt with by the management company contacting the residents concerned or possibly asking HCSO deputies undertaking off-duty patrols for the Association to investigate. However, due to the current difficulties getting response from the management company there was no simple answer beyond contacting HCSO.

The rules about basketball hoops were clarified – temporary hoops put away each evening are permitted. Permanent hoops require ACC permission.

Stevan Alvarez, volunteered to join the Board. His appointment was proposed by Robert Alderson, seconded by Vanessa Moorhead and unanimously approved with immediate effect by Alderson, Moorhead and Noble.

Carol Noble has submitted a letter of resignation effective at the end of the meeting. Robert Alderson resigned from the position of Secretary/Treasurer (but not from the Board. He will continue on the Board until his house in Lakeside is sold.

The following appointments were agreed unanimously by the Board members present (Alderson, Alvarez, Moorhead, Noble):

  • Vanessa Moorhead – President
  • Stevan Alvarez – Secretary/Treasurer

3. Termination of contract with Excelsior

The contract with Excelsior provides a means for termination without penalty in the event of non-performance of contractual obligations by either party. The method of termination is for the terminating party to issue a 30-day cure demand letter giving the other party 30 days to respond to the specific areas of non-performance. If no satisfactory response is received the contract may be terminated. Following a resolution proposed by Robert Alderson, seconded by Carol Noble and unanimously agreed by members present (Alderson, Alvarez, Moorhead, Noble) it was agreed to send a 30-day cure demand letter to Excelsior. The letter to Excelsior details the following areas of non-performance:

Provide bi-weekly reports – no reports have been received since start of the contract

Facilitate communication between members and Board – Board meetings have not been adequately publicized via email, website or community bulletin Board, including to the Board itself.

Provide and manage a TOPS enabled website on behalf of the community – This has not been done and has caused additional operating costs for the Association.

Ensure compliance with Florida Statutes – Excelsior has negligently failed to organize an annual member’s meeting, facilitate a nomination committee, ACC meetings or pass ACC requests to the ACC. No meeting minutes have been prepared for any meetings by Excelsior.

No decision was taken on which company will replace Excelsior if there is an inadequate response to the 30-day cure letter. A proposal has been received from Unique Property Services. No new contract can be signed until the current contract with Excelsior is terminated. The Board will investigate alternative management companies and welcomes feedback from members.

The meeting was closed by unanimous resolution at 10:00 am.