Fining Committee

It is my unfortunate duty to announce the resignation of two valued and long-serving members of the Fining Committee. Linda McNamara and Samantha Webster will be leaving the committee today and they will be sorely missed. The Board extends its sincere thanks for the work they have put in over the past years.

We now have two vacancies on the Fining Committee. The committee is responsible for hearing appeals against fines imposed on homeowners and it is legally necessary part of the HOA’s activities. It is very important that we fill these vacancies. If you have ever thought of stepping up and doing something for your community – now is the time! To find out more please e-mail

HCSO Patrol

Deputy Michael Rouleau is patrolling Lakeside this evening. This is an extra duty patrol paid for with your HOA dues. Deputy Rouleau will be dedicated exclusively to patrolling Lakeside for four hours. If you have information about crime in the community or any other concern please flag him down to talk.

2015 Budget approved

At the Board Meeting held earlier this evening the Board unanimously approved the budget below. It is the same as the budget previously posted for discussion except that the amount for the management company has been adjusted to match Excelsior’s quote along with an allowance for possible unforeseen management costs (making the total expenditure the same as in the previous budget.)

The quarterly dues for 2015 will therefore be $7 lower; $175 instead of $182.

Budget for 2015 – Approved


Change of Management Company

At the Board Meeting held earlier this evening the Board decided to switch from Unique Property Services to Excelsior Community Management. Excelsior has a strong local presence with offices on Krycul Ave and manages several local HOAs, most notably Moss Landing. This and Excelsior’s use of  TOPS software were the primary motivations for the Board’s decision.

The change of management company will be effective January 1, 2015.

2015 Management Contract with Excelsior

Special Board Meeting

There will be a meeting of the Board of Directors on Wednesday, November 12th at 7:00 pm at the YMCA Camp Cristina, 9840 Balm Riverview Rd., Riverview, FL 33569. The agenda is as follows:

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Resident Input (3 minutes per resident)
  3. Selection of 2015 Management Company
  4. Approval of 2015 Budget
  5. Arrangements for Annual Meeting

Representatives from Unique Property Services and Excelsior Community Management Services will be there to make their presentation to the Board about why they should be chosen as our 2015 Management Company.

2015 Budget Proposal – what do you think?

At yesterday’s Board Meeting the Board agreed to post the proposed budget on the website for member input. The version of the budget posted below differs in one respect from the version presented yesterday to the board; the expenditure on Brighthouse cable has been reduced to reflect the fact that the Board did not take up BH’s offer of digital cable at a slightly higher price.

The main points of the budget for 2015 are as follows:

• Lakeside has large reserves ($95,000) and a high checking account balance ($180,000)
• Collections have been running above 2014 budget
• Expenditure has been running below 2014 budget
• $110,000 will be transferred from checking into the reserve accounts, leaving a balance of around $70,000 which is equivalent to one quarter’s expenditure

• No scheduled monthly payments will be made to reserves in 2015, although the projected surplus would be distributed to reserve accounts at year’s end.
• Reduction in quarterly dues from $182 to $175.
• Long-term strategy is to end BH contract in late 2017 permitting a substantial reduction in dues. It is recognized that the budget is tighter than in past years but this is balanced by the large level of reserves.

Budget for 2015 – Version 2

Use of the lake

In the past three weeks there have been at least two reports of somebody fishing on the large lake from a boat. It is possible that these boaters are new residents and were not aware of the rules. Lakeside allows residents to fish on a catch and release basis but boating is prohibited. If you have new neighbors you might want to mention this website as a place to find out more about the community and its rules.

HCSO patrol

Deputy Andre is patrolling Lakeside through 11:00 pm this evening. This is an extra duty patrol paid for by the HOA. Please feel free to flag him down to chat if you have information or concerns.